Ingibjörg "Imba" Finnbogadóttir - Creative Director of NORA February 10, 2016 09:41

Imba’s interest in clothing creation goes as far as she can remember. In Imba’s childhood home sewing was always a part of the household as her mother made clothes for young Imba and her brothers, both the sewing and the design because of interest and as a true conservative Icelandic mother.  

Around the age of 12 Imba started sewing her own clothes.  Without using clothing formats or patterns, her own insight destined what she created and she made it all happen.

In secondary - and high school Imba earned some extra money by sewing clothes for friends and classmates. Imba never wanted attention so her design was not labelled at the time but when pressured to, she labelled the clothes with the tag "unknown".  

Imba loves skate- and snowboarding and that has influenced her own lifestyle and fashion. Local skate- and snowboarding store owners and founders of Nikita Clothing knew Imba as she was a regular customer and a local rider and noticed her talents. They offered her a position in the design and development team of the company by the time it was transforming from small Icelandic firm to international clothing chain in the year 2000. Imba worked with the company for five years traveling the world as the brand grew from a one store brand to being distributed in over 30 countries.

Imba’s creativity drove her to New York where she founded her own company, Creatively Superior, and created clothing under her own name. Imba loved her surroundings in Soho and East Village and worked at NYFW in ´06 and ´07 with ThreeAsFour, the high fashion brand she interned at her first months in New York. Fashion kept Imba super busy in the city as she was also tailor making for other fashion brands along with editorial and commercial styling projects.

Imba’s great enthusiasm drove her back to Iceland where she participated in the founding of fashion week in Iceland. Imba helped and gave advice on the creation of the Icelandic fashion week and introducing Icelandic fashion to the rest of the world.

Imba’s Icelandic roots had sprouted and she teamed up with Nora´s other half and founder Dögg Hjaltalin as she approached her with the idea of starting making fur jackets out of the Icelandic sheep skin!