Why we founded NORA August 4, 2015 17:26

My favourite piece of clothing for many years has been my Icelandic fur made of Icelandic sheep skins. I was lucky to receive the fur from a flea market as it was handmade in Iceland forty years ago.

My fur is the warmest clothing I’ve ever worn and I’ve been looking around for something similar to my old fur in the last couple of years without finding anything. Furs from Icelandic sheep skin were popular clothing in Iceland in the seventies and they were manufactured for export to Russia and other countries were they were quite popular.

When I’ve received praise for my jacket, which happens quite often, I´ve told people that this is an Icelandic design and product. People have responded in a surprise and asked why this isn’t made today.

This has now changed with the NORA fur. We have preserved Icelandic handcraft and we sew all our items at our workshop in Reykjavík. The skins come from Icelandic sheep from the Northern part of the country where they walk wild in the mountains during the summer.  Enjoy this original, rare and authentic product.

Dögg Hjaltalín, founder of NORA